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After 65 years, we’ve developed a few guiding principles.

Straight Talk

An expert understanding of the law is just a starting point. We are your ally and advocate and can help you see, with clarity, all the options available to you. Problems can quickly become opportunities when you know your next step.

Cost Effective

A team of top-tier lawyers and expert legal advice doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. We don't believe in high overhead and we don't have layers of administration. Your budget is used where it matters-your lawyer.

Client Focused

You have real needs, and it's our job to understand them. We want to resolve your dispute quickly so you can get back to your life, outside the law office.

A Proud Tradition Since 1947

Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships. We exist to help make complex legal matters clear as we guide you to a fair resolution. When you’ve been helping individuals, institutions, and corporations for as long as we have, the only measure of success is client satisfaction and a growing demand for our services.

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We think about law a lot.
Sometimes we even write it down.

September 8th 2014

Breaking Bad: When parents lose their moral compass during a divorce

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April 23rd 2014

Grounds for Retroactive Spousal Support

We’ve posted about the difference between lump sum and periodic payments in spousal support, but what about retroactive support? There are many reasons why someone...

March 3rd 2014

What are you protecting during your divorce?

People are understandably concerned about being able to manage financially after they separate; for separating parents with children, another important concern is wh...