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Employment Law

Our mandate is to provide timely and practical advice in any and all employment disputes.  Although employment and labour law is often complex we are fierce advocates for our clients’

rights—individual or corporate—and have had a great deal of success through litigation and out-of-court settlement.

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October 22nd 2016

Copyright ownership issues can move in unexpected directions

Trying to figure out who owns a software copyright can be tricky – and if litigation ensues, the issue of ownership can move in unexpected directions, Toronto civi...

October 22nd 2016

Employee vs. partner decision relevant across industries

In upholding a Canadian law firm’s right to require that its equity partners retire at a certain age, the Supreme Court of Canada has clarified the need for detail...

October 22nd 2016

Case provides some clarity on cross-examinations

A recent decision by the Superior Court of Justice has brought some clarification to the scope of cross-examinations on affidavits filed for motions for summary judg...