A Common Sense Approach Isn't All That Common.

When you work with us, you’ll see that we're different. You'll be working with a firm that aims to provide you with expert, cost-competitive legal advice that is both practical and clear.

Collaboration Isn't A Buzz Word.

We are collaborative in every sense of the word.  When you hire us to represent you in any legal matter, we’ll work together; nothing is done without your consultation.  Understanding your desired outcome is paramount when identifying the path needed to obtain it. We avoid untenable arguments and do our best to identify opportunities for settlement or a change in strategy.  Keeping an eye on the economics of your dispute also allows us to keep your bill smaller than the dispute itself.

The Benefit Of A Smaller Team.

Most of our clientele have retained our services for a particular legal matter and have stayed on because of our diverse experience and ability to help them navigate a wide range of legal complexities. When one case diverges into different areas of law, other partners and associates can be called upon to offer timely and effective advice to help ensure that a successful outcome is attained.

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We think about law a lot.
Sometimes we even write it down.

July 16th 2018

Collaborative Law chosen for family law battles

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July 16th 2018

Collaboration thrives when litigation off the table

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July 16th 2018

Access Schedules cannot be controlled by children

An Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) decision finding primary parents have a duty to ensure their children visit with their other parent illustrates the fact that change...