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Posted on March 3rd 2006 in Legal Articles

A New Lawyer Joins Our Family Law Section

A New Lawyer Joins Our Family Law Section

Jacqueline Peeters received her Honours English degree from McGill in 1987 followed by a teaching certificate a couple of years later. The birth of three boys dominated the next years and Jacqueline shifted from professional teaching to homeschooling. During this time she also did extensive volunteer community work with families.

As her boys grew, Jacqueline decided it was time to pursue a law degree. She attended the University of Toronto, graduating in 2001. After articling on Bay St., Jacqueline decided she needed a different environment and worked with a boutique family law firm downtown. She focused on litigation and obtained extensive experience in courtrooms across Southern Ontario.

One of Jacqueline’s files found her working with Nicola Savin as opposing counsel. This planted the seed for a move to BSLSC which happened this summer. While Jacqueline continues to enjoy litigation, she has seen the damage it does to families and encourages clients, when appropriate, to seek a negotiated resolution. Jacqueline is trained in the collaborative process and encourages clients to explore this option as well as mediation, arbitration and more traditional negotiation to determine which approach (or combination of approaches) will be best for their family.

Now the mother of three teenage boys, Jacqueline brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her work with clients.