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Posted on March 1st 2009 in Employment Law

Legal Changes 2008

Legal Changes 2008

Workers’ Compensation
Are you an employer who is required to register with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) but have failed to do so? If you are, you may be eligible for an amnesty being offered by the WSIB until March 31, 2008. A full amnesty means:
o No penalties for not reporting.
o No reconciliation interest.
o No retroactive premiums. (Premiums will begin from the date you first contact theWSIB.)
o No prosecution under the Provincial Offences Act.

Beginning April 1, 2008 and on a continuing basis, all voluntary registrants will receive a partial amnesty. What this means is that there will be:
o No penalties.
o No reconciliation interest on retroactive premiums.
o No prosecution at the time of registration.

However, premiums will be retroactive to the date of first hire or January 1 of the year preceding the date of voluntary registration, whichever is later.

The amnesty policy is not applicable to employers who have been identified for registration by the WSIB’s various enforcement activities prior to their voluntary registration.

For more information about registration and the amnesty programs visit the WSIB’s website at www.wsib.on.ca

Human Rights
Ontario’s Human Rights Code has undergone substantial changes, including the way complaints will be handled. You can learn more about these changes, which will take effect on June 30, 2008, by going to www.ohrc.on.ca
Travelling to the USA
As of January 31, 2008 Canadian citizens who wish to enter the United States by land or by water must present certain identity documents. You are now required to present a government issued photo id and a birth certificate (or other proof of citizenship) OR a valid passport OR NEXUS card. For those 18 and under, only a birth certificate is required.

To find out more visit the Canada Border Services Agency website at www. cbsa.gc.ca

Registered Disability Savings Plans
The federal government has created a Registered Disability Savings Plan. The legislation has received Royal Assent, however it is not yet in force.