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Posted on March 3rd 2014 in Family Law

My brother-in-law is destroying my family

“A reader writes: My mother and my sister have never gotten along and most of the family believes that it stems from my father’s death 20 years ago. I was two and my sister was nine. Since then, things have been rocky between them, and I, the only other member of the family, have always been caught in the middle. Recently my sister had a baby, and my mom, always the optimist, hoped that her first grandchild would bring them closer. After a ten-hour conversation, the two talked their issues out and came to a consensus, both realizing the importance my mother would have now in my sister’s life.

But now, my brother-in-law has decided to interfere, believing that because his son is involved he should start calling the shots. All hell has broken loose and now my mother and sister aren’t even talking, my mom hasn’t seen the baby in five months, is not invited to his first birthday party and my brother-in-law is trying to get my sister to disown her. I would love to not-so-politely say something to my brother-in-law and knock some sense into my sister, but my mother and stepfather have both told me to stay quiet because it’s none of my own concern.”

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